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Music Lessons FAQ Music Lessons FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lesson Program

      1.    What age does my child need to be to take lessons? 
             The average age to start a child is six.
             The main criteria are that the child know his/her alphabet and can sit still for 20 minutes.
     2.   Should I bring my own instrument to lessons? 
            No, for Piano students.

            Yes. for Guitar students can bring an instrument that you are comfortable with. (if wanted)
           (Amps are provided for electric instruments)

     3.    Where are the lessons held?
             The lessons are held in studios located in Pasadena, tx or Houston.
             There are daily news papers and  magazines for parents that wish to sit outside the studios and observe.  

     4.    How long will I need to take lessons? 
             The period of time that a student is enrolled in the program varies. 
             The more a person wishes to learn the longer they will take lessons. 
             The basic fundamentals can take about six months to learn on average, 
              however; music is a science that can be studied for a lifetime.

      5.   Will I need to purchase any additional materials? 
             Most teachers require a book for their students to use. 
             In addition there may be other accessories the student will want in order
             to progress within his/her studies.
             (Example: capo, tuner, strap, song books, videos)     
     6.      Do the teachers teach you to read music? 
              Yes. You will learn to read music and some music theory.
              Remember music is a language, just like English,
              except the musical alphabet goes only from A to G.

               We also offer a play by ear method.  

     7.     Can I watch my child take his/her lesson? 
              Yes. There is a waiting area just outside each studio for parents to watch, 
              is stocked with daily newspapers and current   magazines.
              Please feel free to watch you child expand their horizons through music.

      8.    If my schedule changes;
        How difficult will it be to change my lesson time? 

             Students that are already in the program will have first choice at new times as they
             become available. If your schedule changes let your instructor know and they will
             give you top priority in moving, if an alternative time is available.

      9.    Do you have any other activities for students,
        such as recitals?

              Yes. We try to offer our students the opportunity to “show off” as often as possible,
              and at the same time give them the experience of  playing in public and with other people.
              We have put students in local churches, recitals, and many other events. 

     10.    I already know a little about my instrument,
        do I have to start at the beginning? 

              No. Every instructor evaluates each student to determine there level of understanding,
              and then tailors each students plan of study.
              The most important part of taking lessons is learning to play.
              Our instructors want you to have a good foundation to build on;
              however, they do not want to waste your time or theirs.  
     11.    I’m not sure if the instrument I already own is good enough,
         how will I know? 

              We will be more that happy to inspect your instrument
              to see if it is suitable for instruction.
              (For your convenience, please do this before your lessons are scheduled.)    

     12.    My child is home schooled, do you offer morning times? 
              Yes. Lesson times are not regulated by store hours.
              Some instructors are available early mornings and some late at night.
              We will try to accommodate your schedule as much a possible.    

     13.    How will I know my child is progressing? 
              Our instructors are always willing to talk to parents about their children. 
              Please feel free to ask your child’s instructor anything about their progress,
              and know that the instructor is willing to give you periodic updates.   

    14.     May I take more than 30-40 minutes per week?
              Yes, you may take more than 30-40 minutes a week,
              but it does require scheduling more than one lesson.

    15.    How much notice do I need to give before I quit lessons?
             We need to know by the last day of the current month you are in.
             We have several ways to do this;
             you can tell your instructor, tell someone at the front desk, email us @ 
             or you can call and leave a message on our answering machine.
As soon as we know we can schedule another student from the waiting list.