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Baytown Jr Percussion Package 7th

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School Band Rentals School Band Rentals

School Band is One of Life's Great Experiences!school band students

Playing music is . . .


  • . . . fun.  It brings people together, breaks down barriers, and almost always leads to a good time.
  • . . . good for the brain.  Scientific studies have demonstrated a link between active music making and increased brainpower.  Children who make music get better grades.
  • . . . good for the body.  Making music is a proven stress reducer, and stress has been linked to the performance of the immune system.  
  • . . . good for the soul.  Music creates peace of mind.  The benefits of music on well-being have been scientifically proven.  Young people who make music together are less likely to use drugs or get in other kinds of trouble.
  • . . . good for the social life. Working together to make great music means making lots of friends.

students in school band

These videos and this evidence illustrate the benefits of music education.

See some of our favorite band videos here.

Do you have questions about being in the band?  Here are some answers to questions parents often ask.


What instrument would you like to play?

San Jacinto Music (powered by NEMC is School Band Headquarters)

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