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After School Programs After School Programs
  • Age Range: 14 Months to 12 Years


Music Lessons

Mini Maestros - Age 14 months to 6 Years

Do you have a baby Bach on your hands? Mini Maestros is a fun and educational introduction to music for children in a group setting. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of music including, melody, harmony, rhythm, pitch and instruments. Your child will spend part of each class learning theory, such as the value of notes and the names of each note, in a fun, age-appropriate way.   We will also explore music through movement, art, song and play. Activities will include singing, movement, creating music and listening to music. The goal of this program is to expand the world of music for each child through exposure, knowledge and experimentation and to encourage the love and appreciation of all kinds of music. Kids who study music are inclined to be better at math too!


KinderKeys-Ages 3-10 years & Group Guitar-Ages 6-12

As an alternative to private lesson instruction, learning music in a group setting enables students to observe their classmates which is proven to enhance musical development. Groups provide positive peer pressure and become a comfortable place to be. Students motivate each other to keep up with their group.

Students in groups regularly play music in front of others which reduces the fear of playing in public.  The vast majority of our students enjoy playing with and for other people.  We have a great time with our students and they look forward to their lessons.

Private Lessons - Age 4-12

Private lessons focus on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Playing an instrument is a multi-sensory, complex activity requiring learning by ear, eye, touch, and intellectual understanding. Each student combines these elements differently. Private lessons go at the student's learning pace, stopping whenever necessary to review concepts, repeat material, or explore a topic in which a student shows interest.

"The arts are recognized as a core subject in the Goals 2000: Educate America Act approved by both houses of Congress in 1994."- National Education Goals Panel


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